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Lou Gramm FT. Mark Andrew (American Idol Contestant) in Black River Falls

05/24/2016 / 3 Comments

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    @jeff larson/ akaPerry Stevens
    18 July 12:10 AM

    Journey Unauthorized opened up for Lou on July 4th in Lake Forest, Il. I am the lead singer of the band and wanted to say it was an honor a privilege to have the opportunity perform on the same stage as Lou. He is truly an amazing artist and one of my all time favorite rock vocalist. I always wanted to sound like him but his voice was just too big to cop.
    I regret not coming up to him and introducing myself but i was just too intimidated. Hopefully this message finds him and want him to know what he has done to inspire me and a whole generation of musicians. YOU ARE THE BOMB, Lou!!
    Don’t Stop Rockin’,
    Jeff/aka Perry Stevens

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    28 October 12:45 AM

    You have the best male voice in rock music, ever. Always did and always will.

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    @Robin Whiting
    10 March 2:19 PM

    Missed you!!! Hello Lou. I saw Foreigner in concert a couple days ago in Morgantown, WV. I have to admit they sounded pretty good. Brought back several memories for me. But, I really missed hearing you. I did a little research and tried to figure out a more about why Foreigner went their separate ways. And that’s what got me to this website. I see you might be playing in White Sulphur Springs, WV on 06/26/18. I will look into this and see if I can go. Look forward to seeing the “real” lead singer of Foreigner in action! I’d like to hear more directly from you as to what actually happened to the original Foreigner band and why you went you separate ways. Thanks for the wonderful music over the years!! Robin